by Rising Anger

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released February 14, 2014

All songs are written, produced and performed by Rising Anger
All songs are recorded mixed and mastered by Emil Cezanne (Nighttime Productions)



all rights reserved


RISING ANGER Wiesbaden, Germany

Rising Anger from Wiesbaden/Germany can look back at six years of bandhistory and circa 250 played shows by now. Founded in 2009 the band steadily evolved and plays music in between melodic Hardcore and Post-Rock nowadays.

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Track Name: Earthlings
„Ghandi - And since faith itself cannot be proved by extraneous evidence, the safest course is to believe in the moral government of the world and therefore in the supremacy of the moral law, the law of truth and love. Exercise of faith will be the safest, where there is a clear determination summarily to reject all that is contrary to truth and love!“

We are one world
We are all children of this earth
Track Name: Momentariness
As water runs through our hands
Waves vanish the pictures
They attest the caducity of this world
In moments like these I feel cold and sad

Showing me how elusive things are
A raindrop hitting the ground
A lifetime for someone old
All being washed away by the waves
That vanish the pictures in the sands

People and places that you've met
People and places that you've seen
Keep them in mind, try not to forget
Live your life with no regrets

As leaves grow green fall brown
The kings will lose their crown
Everything will come to an end
Even the regency of monarchic men

Mothers give birth to their child
Men running through the wild
The sun burning the ground
The world spinning around

Life is to short to think
Don't hesitate or you'll sink

People and places that you've met
People and places that you've seen
Keep them in mind, try not to forget
Live your life with no regrets

Wave after wave coming in
The flood a fucking sure thing


Where are your pictures now
The waves took them all
You lost track of them
Where are your pictures now
Track Name: Like Vultures
There is something inside of you
And it's growing day by day
Everything comes together
A growing child no chance to resist

After a lot of tests the diagnosis
You won't accept this
There's something not fitting

A disabled little human- that's not what you have expected
Not born and judged by now
You must be kidding me

This is life you once wanted to put in this world

That's how you treat this life
That's how you fear the strain
That's how you treat this life
That shows your superficiality

But that's the way things are done these days you say
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Judging something for what it is
Everything in this world has a meaning

A butterfly in the wind
The feast of vultures on rotten meat
From the smallest existence to the biggest
Everything is meant to be!
Track Name: Your Arcadia
All grey all the same - No place
All grey all the same for individuals

You turn away with no regrets
Leaving all this behind means a lot to you
The sickness, the hunger that tortured you before
Is falling apart right in front of you

Turning your face to a new future

Let go the past
Rise up and shine
Take your bundle and leave

New future,
New chances
Big relief

It's the escape
No turning back
Just moving on
It's the escape

No rest, no peace, don't stop
Working as hard as you can
To fulfill your dreams

You don't want back
Keep these memories in mind
They'll keep you going
Stick to your goals
Push all the way to the end

Keep this in mind
To be who you are
Track Name: False Chords
So here we are now
Standing against each other
Yeah here we are now

With broken bones and broken dreams

Without moving forward a single step.
Ignorance and numbness brought us here
Is this what you call a free world
Where differences do not count
Where everyone is equal

Fucking needless

No regrets
No modesty
A storm of lies

Why don't you take compromises to understand others?

If this is your way to show your openness
You missunderstood the word tolerance

You punch your selfclamed ideals right in the face...

Swallow your pride and show how an open heart looks like...

Take down your mask, show what's behind
Behave the way you are
Or start living by your words
Track Name: M.B.M.
Precise as a clockwork
Always, day and night
The sound exposure is too loud
Not being able to revolt

How can we expect our kids to be good humans
While we let them be raised by machines

And our sanity

Muted by media
Track Name: Black Hole
No revert
Restricted by my thoughts
Projections of my memories
Projections of my mind
Fading away in infinity

Endless hopes - destined to be unreachable
There's no pathway out, there's no turning back
There is no pathway out
Reflections of my dreams reminding me not to forsake

But the past - immutably etched on my mind - withholds me

I can't repress it
I can't retain it
I can't forget it
I can't sustain it
I can't

Trying to gaze forward
Trying to brush aside the hole that remains

There's no proceeding in this, there's no turning back

Inside rests nothing but hollowness,
When the last glowing spark
Expires with the words

There's no future for us
There's no turning back

She's gone!
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
The large avenue has lost its sleekness
The last summer is coming to an end.
All happniess is gone and you’re marked by the facts of life.

Your life full of ups and downs!

A strong character in most difficult times.

Giving up was never an option,
But now you’re trapped in a prison of mortality!
Giving up was never an option

When all life becomes grey, when colours become meaningless
When you’re getting back to where it began!
No more chances to struggle anyway! No more chances to break the chains!

You’re the last captain on a sinking ship, waiting for the savior.
Resisted many stroms, you were finally brought to your knees
Once an assistant, you’re the helpless now!

Sorrow – your daily life!
Clocks won’t start running backwards, the sitution won’t improve.

When all life becomes grey, when colours become meaningless
When you’re getting back to where it began!
No more chances to struggle anyway! No more chances to break the chains!

When all life becomes grey, when colours become meaningless
When you’re getting back to where it began!

Realising this is the hardest part,
taking your lust for living apart.
Memories are gone, as fast as they appeared.

Your last fight
Your defeat
Track Name: Swallowed By The Sun
Crystal clear skies burning in my eyes
Blurry but clear my destiny
Craving for your contiguousness
Passion I've never felt before

Melting down the skin of my wintriness
I will climb the highest mountains for your closeness
I've never felt such passion
Questing for your fieriness, I'm only burning for you

I want it, I want it all
Your everlasting allmighty blaze
I want it all I want it all
Your everlasting almighty blaze

Climbing higher to the reach the top
Leaving everything behind for good

Conquering the cold dark bally
Miles away from wintriness up into those skies
Up into the blistering heat
Abandoning myself to this fervidness

I am feeling up to your bright light
Burning my eyes
Burning my tounge
Burning my mouth
Burning my ears
Burning my skin

Burning my matter burning my marrow
Taking me as a whole, being one with you
Burning my everything
Taking me as a whole , being one with you

Here I am, swallow me
You are the center of my universe
Here I am, I'm yours, swallow me
You are the center of my universe
I will only burn for you!
Track Name: Everlasting Sparks
Streaming through the night
Pausing, rusting, dying

The quest for the truth
The quest for something
Something worth
Worth to live for

That one spark that ignites the world
That one spark which also tares it into parts

Will you come
Come with me to the end
The end of the world
Where everything is kept
In one word

Silence to the brave
Silence to their grave
Silence to the weak
Silence as their feast

Silence to the aged
Silence as their rage
Silence to my words
Silence will make them work

Reaching the old garden you used to play in
Forgotten memories filling the back of your head
Long forgotten memories filling the back of your head

There it is your beloved long lost home
Enter don't be scared feel what you feel

There it is your beloved long lost home
See what you see what you used to love
Track Name: Our Odyssey
„Obama: As Licoln said to a nation far more divided then ours: We are not enemies, but friends. Where passion may have strained, it must not break our bondes of affection.“

The pursuit of money and sway
Destroys lives and dreams
The agelong fight therefore will never end!
If we don’t act, nothing will change
We have to open our eyes,seeing the realty clearly
Trying to find a way to influence the system in a good way!
Exploition, suppression, wars
being caused by differences that shouldn’t be ones
Religion, culture, origin

Things that should bring people together, not making them killing!
To live and let live
Sadly just wishful thinking,
That is been treat with contempt of too many human beings
The concerns, intrigues, just see the profit!
They abuse their sway and stop at nothing!

Overflowing bank accounts – people batteling for their lives
Closely rated contrasts in a crooked system

Wherefore does one human need billions made of blood diamonds
Where’s the humanity?!
Where is the interest in your fellow mens welfare?!
With less vanity the world would be a little bit better!
Take a look in the mirror and think about it on your own!
Think about it on your own!

„We are not enemies, but friends“